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DRY DOCK VODICE is the ideal dry berth for your boat. Our main activity is accommodation and maintenance of boats and vessels.
We are located in Vodice, in the business zone only 1500 meters from the sea. We have 2200 square meters of fenced space with electricity and water connections at our disposal.
We guard your vessels with modern video surveillance 24/7. The property is also insured by an appropriate insurance policy.
The vessels are placed on your trailers or our blocks which are included in the price.
We take all measures and activities necessary to protect your boat or vessel and prepare it for use before the new season, hereby ensuring you carefree winter months.
Our dry berth in Vodice has the ideal location, and the “sea dogs” know how to appreciate that. It is close to all marinas of central Dalmatia.

Marina Vodice
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Marina Tribunj
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Marina Pirovac
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Marina Šibenik
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Marina Betina
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The most professional subcontractors are used for all types of work and repair

• raising and lowering vessels up to 13 meters
• high-pressure pump cleaning of the hull
• external washing and internal cleaning
• maintenance or replacement of boat batteries
• installation and control of dehumidifiers
• preservation and depreservation of engine and generator
• covering the vessel with a winter awning
• service of engine and generator
• polishing of the vessel gelcoat and wax protection
• stainless steel polishing
• grinding and maintenance of teak
• sanding of the hull and protection with antifouling
• repair of gelcoat and major damage to fibreglass
• replacement and installation of zinc anodes
• installation of marine electronics
• installation of new equipment
• carpentry works
• electrical works

Lifting and transport of the boat as agreed (depending on the size and location of the boat). The rental price includes one high-pressure washing of the hull. VAT is included in the price.



do 5 m120 EUR440 EUR
(904,14 kn)(3315,18 kn)
do 6 m150 EUR550 EUR 
(1130,18 kn)(4143,98 kn)
do 7 m170 EUR650 EUR
(1280,87 kn)(4897,43 kn)
do 8 m190 EUR 780 EUR
(1431,56 kn)(5876,91 kn)
do 9 m200 EUR890 EUR
(1506,90 kn)(6705,71 kn)
do 10 m220 EUR1000 EUR
(1657,59 kn)(7534,50 kn)
do 11 m240 EUR1150 EUR
(1808,28 kn)(8664,68 kn)
do 12 m260 EUR1250 EUR 
(1958,97 kn)(9418,13 kn)
do 13 m280 EUR 1300 EUR
(2109,66 kn)(9794,85 kn)

1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK